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    It all started with a passion to get ideas flowing among mobile apps. From concepts to delivery of a universal framework, it has been a never ending mission. Ironically, it's the difficulty that keeps us thriving, and the sharing that keeps us together.

Based in Boston, we have a small team with big ideas and attention to details. To build iOS apps that users can start with new or shared ideas, keep up with collaboration, and get insight and action at the end of day, we have a flexible framework to service the files, photos, and project views efficiently on your iPhone and iPad devices via iCloud.
By using iCloud as the catalyst for collaboration on projects and incremental update in batches, FlowNote 2.0 is able to deliver the following features in a flow:
Keep going with your lists to focus on MustDo with live update, direct access to the original to-dos, and fact-checking at a glance.
Organize your ideas from Lists, Slides, web notes, and email messages into Ideabooks to share with groups via iCloud as editable or viewable files or via Apple Mail as printable PDF attachments.
Save time with widgets to grab notes in batches into lists or ideabooks, browse photos shared in iCloud and take by device together, and get meeting reminders with status update.

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